Principal's Message

Principal's Message

To our Filipino community, there are three things that AFPS consider:

First, we must provide quality and affordable education among Filipino students. This means that the school must be globally competitive, the curriculum is aligned according to the international standards and when it comes to technology, updated.

Second, we, as part of good management program must provide parent’s satisfaction.  The parents should feel that they are partners of the school in molding their children.  They must see the school as an entity that they can trust and where mutual respect is nutured.  Appreciation to parents implies also gratitude for making the school part of their lives and their children. 

Third, we will ensure employee’s satisfaction.  Good management, proper motivation, good salaries and nice working conditions will help in ensuring that each employee of the school will feel appreciated and motivated.  In return, it is expected that employees will have to render good service to the Filipino community in the name of the school.

Therefore, we promise to bear the pride and dignity of a true Filipino school.